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"Summer Classic" Charity Basketball Game (Aug. 21)

"Summer Classic" Charity Basketball Game (Aug. 21)


the real reason people die when they get old is because if they didn’t they’d be too dang good at life. they’d know all the exploits. grandma would be bunnyhopping the heck around the neighborhood. great uncle joe’s started noclipping. cousin larry spawned two slippers inside each other and now he has infinite footwear

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-when it comes to bathing suit I never match bottom with top.

-my first CD was The Eminem Show. I was 10.

-I love movies about possessed children such as Carrie or The Ring.

-Im going to name my first daughter Africa.

-I had blue eyes during my first week of life, then they turned almost black.

totally random, thanks honey :)





angelina jolie’s daughter


and gwen stefani’s son


both so cute 

Parenting done right

ugh. this is so wrong. how can you support someone letting their kid wear socks on grass. do you know how hard it is to wash those stains out?

I thought I was going to have to yell at someone for being a close minded asswipe but that was the biggest plot twist of my life. 

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